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    Volunteers needed for 2020:)

     Dear friends,

    As 2020 gets underway it’s time to start thinking about the Princeton Lakes Piranhas - our summer swim team! By now, most of you know that we are looking for a new group of volunteers to take us through this upcoming season. Kendal Andrews (Co- coordinator and treasurer)…

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    Chastain Night 2019



    AUGUST 23rd, 2019


    Featuring the 77Zeros with Special Guest G Drews and the Truth

    If you came then you know…
    If you didn’t then you heard…
    about the new must…

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    End of Year Wrap Up 2019!

    Wow! That’s about all I can say…what a way to end the swim season! For those of you who were unable to participate in the last meet of the year, you missed a great meet. Our kids swam “all in” and did it with huge smiles and even bigger hearts…

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    Tomorrow 9am!

    Wow!  What a great way to end a season!!!  I saw sooooo much enthusiasm and teamwork!  I also saw so many smiles :)     The King's Coves coordinators even complimented our team on the incredible sportsmanship our swimmers showed their swimmers.  Thank you Piranhas for showing our competitors how…

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    Meet Entries

    Good afternoon Piranhas,

    Our last meet of the season is approaching and we want to end it hopefully with a win. If your athlete are planning on competing in the meet Tuesday please declare your intentions to do so asap. I would like to get the line up set by…

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    End of Season Party

    Unbelievable! It's almost the end of the season! It's like we blink and it's over - how does that happen? 3 months of planning, 7 weeks of practicing and 5 meets and it's over next week:( We had a great season and we are all so proud of the swimmers…

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    Will we or won't we? we go, the most annoying thing about swim just like this...    So, many of you have asked, "will we swim or won't we?"  and this is the only answer I have....The Cobb County Swim League will do everything possible to get a meet in, which means....everyone needs…

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    Optional Practice is cancelled 6/17

    Optional Practice is cancelled due to lightening and thunder.....6/17
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    Patti Wilder Swim Meet 2019

    Piranhas, it's that time of the season - time to go to Patti Wilder!  Who's in this year???


    The meet is open to every swimmer in the Cobb County Summer Swim League - which means, EVERY Princeton Lakes Piranha is eligible to swim. Kai and myself would love to…

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    Please Declare your swimmer

    Hello Parents!

    Its that time again!  Please declare your swimmers ASAP so our coaches can start the lineup!

    Thank you,


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