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Meet #2 Info

Everyone ready for meet #2?!  Tuesday, June 4th at Camden Place.

Camden Place Clubhouse

4801 Upper Branden Place, Marietta, Ga 30068

It is just off Little Willeo, two blocks from Johnson Ferry.  As always, please be considerate of their neighborhood parking and only park on one side of the street.  Carpooling is a great option.  The parking lot will be reserved for meet officials and coordinators with few of any spots available.

Meet Prep Checklist

Things to bring/do to guarantee a fun, successful meet!

  • Team Suit
  • Team Cap
  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 Towels: Bring at least 2 towels.
  • Sweatshirt: Bring a sweatshirt/pants to stay warm between events.
  • Money: Concessions!
  • Sharpie Name All Important Stuff: Sharpie your child's name on all items, especially team t-shirt/ towel - they all look alike and swimmers lose them often!
  • Sharpie Events on your swimmer: Sharpie your child's events on his/her forearm or back of hand using this format, E H L [E=event, H=heat, L=lane]. It's best to do this before sunscreening your swimmer - sharpie doesn't write well on sunscreened skin.

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Princeton Mill address

2810 Hitchcock Mill Run, Marietta, GA, USA Directions 33.9662079 -84.46976919999997 Map of 2810 Hitchcock Mill Run, Marietta, GA, USA
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