End of Year Wrap Up 2019!

    Wow! That’s about all I can say…what a way to end the swim season! For those of you who were unable to participate in the last meet of the year, you missed a great meet. Our kids swam “all in” and did it with huge smiles and even bigger hearts! The opposing team was blown away by our hospitality and sportsmanship, which means the world to me and should to you too. We finished the meet at 8:30 (absolutely unbelievable) and the kids celebrated by jumping to the pool at the completion of the last race, enthusiastically shouting our team cheer while they splashed and laughed! The spirit was infectious and they were immediately joined by the opposing team. Both sides had never seen a finish like that – but both sides LOVED it and it made my heart swell with pride. That’s what swim season is about….teamwork, friendship and fun!!!

    Our kids worked their fins off this year. Swimming is a skill that so many of our kids only do in the summer. It’s technical and requires lots of endurance and our kids were up for the challenge. Thank you Kai, Anne, Hannah and Bethany for helping our kids reach their goals. If your child enjoyed summer swim I encourage you to keep them swimming.  East Cobb has several year round swim programs that I can help you navigate if you are interested. AND I definitely encourage you to sign them up again for The Princeton Lakes Piranhas next season! Most of you are aware of our challenges as it pertained to filling lanes in some of our age groups, let’s try to prevent that from happening again!

    For the parents and swimmers who were unable to attend our end of the year I would like to recognize the MVP/Most Improved/ and 110% award winners.

    Small Frys

    MVP: Jacob Shivers and Sophia Gerding

    Most Improved: Charlie Lasky and Alyssa Chan

    110%: Victoria Kelley and Even Ceron

    5-6 Boys

    MVP: Jackson Jeffcoat

    Most Improved: Grayson Loux

    110% Will Kincaid


    MVP: Riley Jones and James Larson

    Most Improved: Anjalika Shammi and Juno Chen

    110%: Kate Fulton and Jack Kincaid

    9-10MVP: Ava Jones and Sam Fields

    Most Improved: Megan Humphrey and Ryan Patrick

    110%: Brynn Cartagena and Chance Walters


    MVP: Sloane Patrick and Jesse Niederjohn

    Most Improved: Ella Cooper and Hudson Beard

    110% Victoria Markey and Will Hoyland

    I have a few special shout outs to volunteers who went above and beyond for our team this year.

    Kendal Andrews. You are my rock and sounding board! Without you I would have lost my marbles a few times over the yearsJ You are organized and precise which, as I’ve pointed out before, balances me perfectly.

    Christy Jones. Who better to manage volunteers than Christy? She has this amazing ability to get people to work multiple shifts without mutiny! Thank you for sticking with this role even after you starting working. For those of you who don’t know Christy now owns Red Seal Craft Studio in Roswell. I encourage you to check it out – it’s sooooooo much fun!!!http://www.redsealcraftstudio.com

    Stacie and Mark Pester. Concessions is a vital part of summer swim. The profit from sales help to keep our registration fees to a minimum. It’s a big job , planning, buying, hauling and cooking and without them most of us would starve on meet nights! And for those of you who don’t know, they continued with their commitment even after their son decided not to swim. So thank you both for your dedication.

    Katie Kincaid. Thank you for keeping me from throwing the computer in the pool! Katie is a computer whiz, and always finds time to help me through my technology challenges. She is also the person who takes the computer home after a meet and prints/organizes the ribbons so the kids can have them the next morning.

    Next year, our team will be making some core changes. Most of your current volunteers have been in their positions for several years. I have coordinated for 4 years and feel it’s time to more into more of a consulting role:) Besides, it’s always good to have fresh “blood,” people with fresh thoughts and ideas. I’ll be honest, it should be a much easier year next year as the website and software are now in place and running relatively smooth. For those of you considering possibly helping but are concerned about the commitment I would be happy to have a no pressure conversation detailing what the position entails.

    Along with the coordinator position, we also need the following:

    Head Coach



    Volunteer Coordinator

    For those of you who haven’t heard, Coach Kai will not be returning next season. Instead, he will be coaching a hopeful future Olympian! We wish him luck. In the meantime, I have a lead or two on coaches but welcome any additional input or recommendations on his replacement. I know it seems a long time off but most often, head coaches are in place by the 1stof the year.

    Lastly, thank you so much for my end of the year appreciation gift. Your generosity was above and beyond anything I expected.  I’ve done this for so long because you all make it easy. I have supportive parents and neighbors who help nurture a program that’s so important to our kids as well as our community. Princeton Lakes well deserves the recognition of Atlanta’s best neighborhoods… as we have the best neighbors and kids around!



    PS - I've began working on Chastain Night!  Keep a lookout on information regarding our 2nd annual event benefiting our swim team!  Hope to see everyone there!

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