Will we or won't we?

    AHHHHHH.....here we go, the most annoying thing about swim season....weather just like this...    So, many of you have asked, "will we swim or won't we?"  and this is the only answer I have....The Cobb County Swim League will do everything possible to get a meet in, which means....everyone needs to report to our pool at the regularly scheduled time (5pm for warm up) regardless of weather conditions.   If its not thundering and lightening we swim in the rain, if it thunders/lightenings we delay to see if the weather will clear.  At a delay, both coordinators and the official will decided whether or not to call the meet...and at that point whether or not to reschedule for Thursday.  

    So, all I can say is bring extra towels, a change of clothes, umbrellas AND something to entertain your kids in your car should you have to wait out a delay.  Also, bring money to eat at the concession stand:):):)   Make sure you've downloaded the Swimtopia app and  have the alerts set to "on."  I will send messages with updates as I get information.  

    Thank you!


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