Patti Wilder Swim Meet 2019

    Piranhas, it's that time of the season - time to go to Patti Wilder!  Who's in this year???


    The meet is open to every swimmer in the Cobb County Summer Swim League - which means, EVERY Princeton Lakes Piranha is eligible to swim. Kai and myself would love to bring a large group to this event! No need to worry if your child is fast enough or strong enough. Its a great experience for everyone.

    For the Patti Wilder meet, YOU pick up 3 individual events your child wants to swim. OF course, we can help give guidance but the decision is yours. If your child is comfortable with 50 Free and 25 Back than those are the events they swim. IF we have enough kids for relays then we would want to put together relays - but the awards and times for the state meet are based on individual times.

    If you child finishes in the top 20 in the morning meet, they move on to the afternoon portion, if they finish in the top grouping in the afternoon they are qualified for the state meet which is July.   You are not required to participate in the State meet should you make the cut off - but the state meet is incredible!

    Please reach out with any additional questions. The Piranhas would love to have a great showing!


    SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019WARM-UP: 7:30 AM Swimmers 10 and Under

    SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019WARM-UP: 7:30 AM Swimmers 11+



    1. Entries: $7.00 per individual Event & $15.00 per relay
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