Meet #3 Wrap up

    I hope everyone has had time to take a hot shower to warm themselves up after the meet.   Thats a long night for the kids when you're wet and cold...but I'm proud of them...spirits remained high and they swam their little fins off!

    I know a lot of people were asking if we won...unfortunately, no. Its hard to "win" when teams aren't evenly stacked.   But that's how summer swim goes, some years you have the numbers, some years you don't.  This isn't our year.  Its a shame because we are winning a majority of our individual events!  Please help your child focus on personal achievements this season.   Celebrate faster times, meeting goals, winning heats.   I'm so impressed with our kids...and I know you're impressed with them too.

    Tomorrow is donut day...but I'm going to cancel it in advance...theres a 60% chance of rain and the temp will be in the 60's.  Take the am off and I'll see everyone for Pictures  - please be there for the 5 pm group photo.   I will send an alert if the weather cancels photos...but it looks like it will be overcast, which is perfect.

    See you at pictures!


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